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Dan Swagerty

Dan Swagerty

“Dr. Mihalcin has gained my respect as the main orthopedic Doctor at Visalia Medical Clinic.

I hurt my left knee and it eventually locked up on me. He prescribed the proper medications to relax the knee area. Because of a variety of circumstances, I did not have the Medial Lateral Meniscus Surgery until the end of April 2018.

Pre-Op appointments were excellent. He readily answered both mine and my wife’s questions. His demeanor was very friendly…he simply wanted to fix the problem and help me move on in life.

Surgery day at Sequoia Medical Center went smoothly. He came in and explained what was going to take place. I am not sure how long it took, but he thoroughly explained the pictures to my wife and I was on my way home with very minimal pain (almost none!).

Physical Therapy helped the transition back to my normal pace of walking and doing my job.

My overall experience with Dr. Mihalcin was very positive and I would not hesitate to highly recommend him for your orthopedic needs.”